10 Digital Marketing Activities You Shouldn’t Forget About During Crisis

As unpredictable as it was, we’re slowly adjusting to the new normal. Some things have certainly changed, but some things have not. Right after the quarantine was declared, many businesses stopped almost all online activities. But going dark is just about the worst thing you can do for your business right now. Keep your customers engaged and keep sales steady with these 10 digital marketing activities that you might be forgetting about right now.

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1. Stay active on social media.

Staying in touch with your customers is more important than ever. Relevance cannot be bought with money, and you want to make sure that your customers are informed, engaged, and have you on their mind. Even if you’ve had to completely close down your business, you want your customers back when you reopen. Most people are active online now more than ever and want to hear from you.

Pro Tip: Dial back on the promotional messages. This is a good time for deals and offers, but make sure that you post some other interesting content, or show your support for other local businesses.

2. Promote special deals with messenger marketing

One of the strategies that many companies have been swearing by right now is deals and sales. Other than the obvious factor of urgency created by the discount, it’s also a great way to keep your sales steady even in uncertain times. You already know this, but something that you might not have thought of is a way to sell without even publishing the sale, and doing so to a very targeted group of people who are more likely to buy than anyone else.

One of the options you have on social media like Facebook is to send out a promotional message to all the people who have reached out to your brand over a message. These people have already shown interest, and by offering them an exclusive deal you are not even giving publicly, you have very high chances of closing the sale. This underrated form of digital marketing is known as Messenger Marketing, and it’s something you should definitely consider, especially in this context.

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3. Consider video marketing

Videos are the fastest and the most personal way to connect and communicate with the audience. Video content is also catching more eyes than other content, and videos are becoming easier and easier to produce. You can film and edit the videos yourself, use tools and apps to do it digitally, or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, your investment will surely pay off.

4. Update your website

Another thing that you should do is to update your website. If your website is looking outdated, you’ll need a little bit of visual sprucing up. While this can be time-consuming and a little costly, customers at this point expect a modern professional looking website. You can always use some of the website design software platforms like Wix to do so. And if your website is already looking good, update the information on the page. It’s really important to do this because people will be looking at your website now more than ever, so it’s important they get the right impression.

5. Invest in PPC campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns were important even before the pandemic. But right now they might be more important than ever. Why? PPC has always been a great way to attract new potential customers and get them acquainted with your brand. On one hand, with Facebook and Instagram ads, you can get more followers, and ultimately more sales. And with Google Ads, especially if you have a webshop, you can get more visitors on your website which is especially good for sales, but also for your Google organic ranking.

What’s changed with Covid-19 is that PPC campaigns are available at a very discounted price. Google PPC costs dropped right after the pandemic hit because many businesses cut spending on Google Ads. And with the current boycott going on, the price of Facebook and Instagram ads has gone down significantly in the past week. So, if you’ve never tried Facebook advertising, it’s probably the best time to start right now.

Pro Tip: PPC advertising is a little tricky. It’s easy to learn how to set them up, but when deciding the message and audiences (so you attract the right people) and the optimization of the ad (so you get more bang for your buck), you might need some professional help. Consider outsourcing this activity to experienced digital marketers who will not only create great ads but advise you on your overall communication strategy so you can meet the expectations of your new potential customers.

6. Instagram and Facebook stories

We all love a good story. And so does your audience on Social Media. Stories on Instagram and Facebook are getting more eyes than posts these days. And as a general rule of thumb, you should post at least 3 times a week on your IG story. The good thing is that you can connect your Instagram Stories with Facebook so you won’t need to do double work. It’s worth noting that during the pandemic, most big brands have upped their social media activity where they share a story a day.

It’s clear why – on one hand, everyone’s workload has been reduced, but on the other, people are tuning in on Social Media more than ever. They are taking advantage of this situation and so should you. Post a daily story of just about anything related to your brand. You can share videos of your products, but this is a great time to introduce your team, production process, daily behind the scenes activities and sneak peeks of upcoming projects. 

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7. Take advantage of influencer marketing

Besides PPC advertising, another great way to attract new potential customers is through social media influencers. If you had any doubts about the effectiveness of influencer marketing before COVID-19, it’s time to let those go and embrace the power of these people. The reason why influencers got a bad rep is that some people were tricking the system (buying followers and subscribers) and only sharing promotional content – which made their opening a lot less impactful (their audiences perceived them as sellouts, and stopped trusting their opinion). This is why we recommend going with micro-influencers or influencers on the rise – who come across as a lot more genuine, share less promotional content, and are cheap altogether. It’s a great way to tap into a very targeted, local, or global audience, and leaving a legitimate impression on real potential customers.

8. Invest in local SEO

We all want to purchase things locally, from trusted local sources and have the option for quicker delivery or pickup. This is your chance to increase your base of local clients. One way to do this is by investing in local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Especially if you have a web-shop, new or old, your potential clients are searching on Google and other search engines for places close to their residence to purchase goods and services, now more than ever before. With the right keywords and SEO strategy, you will be able to improve your ranking and increase sales as well.

Pro Tip: Just like with PPC ads, SEO is a slightly more complex activity that initiates highly technical work. Getting to the first page of Google is not an easy summit to reach and you’ll need help from experienced people to do it. It’s best to const with professionals about what you should do and how you should do it.

9. Try browser push notifications

A few years ago, people were a little bit skeptical when they were asked to allow a certain website to provide notifications on their browsers. Now, partially due to COVID-19, things have changed. People want to stay updated and this is one of the best ways to do this.

What’s really interesting is that push notifications have a 50% higher open rate than e-mail. Implement a push notification system on your website or app and see how it goes. This is an effective way to communicate with your target audience and get more returning clients. Many businesses use this to retarget customers that have not finished their purchasing process as well.

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10. Don’t forget about email marketing

Yes, people tend to check their social media accounts for news (and entertainment) a few times a day, but they also check their emails at least once in a few days. Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive and highly targeted forms of digital marketing. There is also a higher degree of focus and trust given to email messages by the consumers.

The tricky part is building your email lists. Prompting people to leave their emails on your website or in-store is easier said than done. On the other hand, you also need to invest in newsletters that will have the perfect balance of informative and sales content.

Pro Tip: Email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates and is a great way to sell for relatively little to no money. However, doing it right requires some marketing and technical expertise to create a visually homogeneous experience and a flow that will seal the deal with the customers. Consult with someone who has experience doing this. Small things can come a long way when it comes to email marketing. 

Covid-19 has put some things at a standstill but if you want your business to survive and thrive in the future, it’s important to go all-in digital marketing right now. If you need help in choosing the best channel and strategy for your brand, signup for a FREE digital marketing consultation with our experts. Our mission is to help small and medium businesses seize the best opportunities and grow even when no one else is. So if you are ready to embrace the full potential of digital marketing and grow your business, book your free consultation HERE now!

Ivona Zabaznovska

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