Solveo brings young people into the innovation spotlight of a whole country

North Macedonia’s youth is once again in the spotlight. Students are now actively engaging with many exciting startups in the country. One example is Solveo, a startup that pairs students with businesses looking for creative solutions to commercial problems.

Based on their knowledge and potential for developing ideas, students are given tasks and compete for prizes, while coming up with answers to everyday business challenges that companies face.

Founded by Macedonian entrepreneurs Ivan Zografski and Dragana Neshovska in 2016, the main idea behind the startup is the need for real innovations, primarily aimed at local businesses, Solveo’s co-founder, Ivan Zografski tells ZDNet.

In the search for new products, enlisting the help of Macedonian youth was an obvious first step.

“One of our core methods for delivering solutions is through crowdsourcing and open innovation,” Zografski explains when asked why the consultancy preferred youth over expertise.

“We believe that 50 young and fresh minds can be at least 10 times more innovative than one professional and expert. When it comes to innovation, no one can be a true expert.”

However, this doesn’t mean Solveo excludes experts. According to the company’s co-founder, Neshovska, it’s quite the opposite.

“Younger generations can be more forward-looking and more radical, while experts are usually more business-oriented and realistic. For an innovation to be successful, a holistic approach is required,” she says.

Based on its clients’ needs, the role of the students in the process can vary.

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