We focus on customer needs because satisfied and loyal customers are the future of your business.


We help you create new products and services, and launch them in new markets. With our customer-centric approach, we help you create a superior customer experience and become a leader in your industry.

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Launching a new product is no easy task. A great Go-To-Market strategy helps you define customer needs, identify opportunities and discover market gaps. Fueled by comprehensive research, it sets the framework for a successful launch. If you are an innovative company that is going through the process of launching a new product, or you would like to take an existing product to a new market – our Go-To-Market services are for you.

How we do it:

  • Conducting market research and defining the target market,
  • Product positioning and differentiation,
  • Optimizing the user experience,
  • Pre-launch and Launch marketing strategy,
  • Multi-channel approach.

What we’ve done:
Go-To-Market Strategy for Aviation Software,
Lead generation strategy in a new market for Remote Bookkeeping Services,
Brand Strategy for Launching a new Digital Platform.


Products & services created specifically for the user are the keys to gaining a competitive advantage. In order to bridge the gap between you and your users, we organize crowdsourced events (hackathons and makeathons) where potential users co-create innovative solutions for your needs. With the power of crowdsourcing and open innovation, you will have more insights, solutions, and innovations that will add immense value to your business.

How we do it:

  • Organizing a crowdsourced event,
  • Attracting and selecting the right group of participants,
  • Guiding the process with licensed Design Thinking trainers,
  • Opportunities for further collaboration with the winning team.

What we’ve done:
Crowdsourcing solutions for Mobile Banking,
Co-creating a Launch Strategy and UX Optimization for a Recipe Sharing App,
Rethink – our annual creative marathon where companies challenge young people to co-create solutions together.

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Effective business development strategies maximize profits, generate long-term growth and boost new client acquisition. Combining marketing, sales and digital solutions we help you grow your business. With our integrated approach, we combine data-driven strategies, expert know-how, and out-of-the-box solutions to help you achieve your business goals. 

How we do it:

  • Identifying key opportunities,
  • Diversification strategy,
  • Real Market Testing (B2B & B2C),
  • Creating a Sales Funnel,
  • Lead Generation strategy development and execution.

What we’ve done:
Business Development for SaaS platform for Rich Media Solutions,
Growth Strategy for a Digital Sexual Education Business,
Increasing Market Share in the Food and Beverage industry.


Every brand has a personality. It’s a collection of all the actions, activities and interactions that your brand engages in. A good Branding and Marketing Strategy enables your business to forge a lasting connection with your customers, and sets you on a trajectory to long-term growth. We help you communicate your core values in creative ways and enhance your market positioning. We achieve that through multichannel digital strategies, attracting new customers and strengthening the relationships with your existing network.

How we do it:

  • Competitive research and Target Market assessment
  • Branding Strategy focused on the Unique Value Proposition
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Multi-channel Testing
  • Digital Marketing (Social Media, Search Ads, E-mail and alternative approaches)

What we’ve done:
Branding and Communication Strategy for a Food and Beverage business,
Increasing Customer engagement for a Multibrand Fashion Retailer,
Boosting Customer Acquisition for a SaaS platform in Rich-Media Advertising.


Achieving your preferred business outcome comes down to two things: adding value to the product/service, and creating a memorable customer experience & reducing friction. Increase your organic reach and conversion rate by optimizing the user experience on your digital channels (website, social media profiles and email communication). We can help you optimize all the processes and level-up your conversion, retention and average customer spend. 

How we do it:

  • Improving your Digital Presence and Reach,
  • Converting traffic into customers,
  • Improving the Design Language and optimizing the User Experience,
  • Diagnosing sources of friction in the Customer Journey,
  • Creating a multi-channel Digital Approach for re-engaging customers.

What we’ve done:
Optimizing the UX and CRM for a SaaS platform in Rich-Media Advertising,
Improving the Design Language for a Digital Sexual Education Platform,
Optimizing the UX though internal Co-creation for a SaaS Dev-Ops Platform.


The only way to keep ahead of the competition is to continuously innovate. Customer needs change at a fast pace, but digital technology enables new generation solutions for everyday problems. Digital innovation is a powerful concept that engages vast user audiences, radically changes the business performance and creates a truly scalable business. If you are developing a Software Application or SaaS platform, we can help you perfect the product and develop a winning launch strategy, giving you the necessary thrust to gain global recognition from the get-go.

How we do it:

  • Test viability and feasibility,
  • Help you raise funds,
  • Create an integrated multichannel Digital Launch Strategy,
  • Target early adopters,
  • Create a breakthrough innovation through internal co-creation or open innovation.

What we’ve done:

Design, UX and UI for Ride-Hailing Application,
Launch Strategy for Innovation in Aviation Software,
UX Optimization, Product Testing and Launch Strategy for a SaaS Dev-Ops Platform through crowdsourcing and internal co-creation.


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