Rehtink - a creative marathon that connects visionaries with innovative companies

What is Rethink?

Rethink is a creative marathon that connects creative people with innovative companies. The participants are organized in multidisciplinary teams and with help from company representatives, they co-create solutions for the problems the companies face. During the 3 day event, thе teams generate ideas, create strategies and test innovative solutions. Every company creates a unique challenge, and several teams compete to create the best solution for the challenge they chose.


The topic of Rethink 2.0 was: Rethinking the future of the digital customer experience. The 3 innovative companies that were part of Rethink 2.0 in 2019, set the following challenges:

Ohridska Bank Societe Generale

Rethinking financial habit formation in young customers – Changing financial habits using Big Data & AI

Magnetik Group

Rethinking Digital data collection and usage to increase sales in fashion retail


Rethinking customer engagement through digital channels to increase brand recognition


The Rethink creative marathon begins when the companies (sponsors of the event) that set their unique challenges. The next step is to attract creative people through different online and offline channels, focusing on areas of experience and interest needed for every challenge separately. We select the best candidates and organize them in multidisciplinary teams.

At the beginning of the event, after the participants get to know their team members, they start with activities like brainstorming and research. The event flow is based on the steps of the Design Thinking methodology, and they are guided through the process by licensed facilitators (members of our team who lead them during the whole marathon). They also have one mentoring session with company representatives to get feedback and guidance for further steps.

During the 3 day event, the participants formulate and test their solutions, and finally present them to a jury of company representatives. In the end, only the teams with the best solutions win and get the chance to help the companies implement their solutions.

hire young people


Companies are always looking for new, innovative solutions because that is what sets them apart from the competition. At the same time, the young creative people don’t have many opportunities to share their ideas and develop them. Solveo’s goal is to bridge innovative companies with creative people, and Rethink is our catalyst for collaborative innovation in the region


We organized 2 Rethink creative marathons:

Rethink: Smart Cities – How the city works and lives, and Rethink 2.0: The Future of Digital Customer Experience

with the support of over 60 organizations and companies,

that included 150 participants,

who created 30 creative solutions.

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