With Crowdsourcing to innovative solutions for mobile banking


Ohridska Banka aimed to get closer to the millennial audience, by offering their services and products. Due to the digital era and the tech-savvy generations, together we decided that the most engaging and interactive way to execute this was to organize a crowdsourced-based event “hackathon”.

Improve customer engagement and customer retention about the mobile banking app
Expand the base of users, targeting new categories (young)
Create new functionalities and upgrade the mobile banking
Increase awareness about the bank and the opportunities for the youth

Create a communication strategy for the targeted audience
Define the best way to engage and interact with them
Co-create the mobile bank along with its current and potential users
Create a marketing strategy for the hackathon
Raise awareness about OBSG BUZZ Hackathon and enhance the brand awareness of Ohridska Banka.


Step #1: Define the target audience, gain insights about their preferences and habits, define the best way to engage them. Create strategy how to reach and interact with them. The defined target audience was determined as young and ambitious enthusiasts, who can contribute in the co-creation of the future of mobile banking.

Step #2: Organize a crowdsourced based event (hackathon),  where the targeted group will brainstorm and create innovative solutions for mobile banking. Continuously, was created a marketing and communication strategy for the targeted audience to create awareness about the hackathon/event. The activities of the hackathon were based on Design Thinking methodology, obtaining important guidelines for the teams.

Step #3: During the event, the teams worked on developing their solutions and they presented them. At the end one winning solution was taken into further development by Ohridska Banka.

  • Organized hackathon which managed to engage over 80 applicants from which 46 were selected as young and talented participants
  • 9 innovative and tested solutions came up as a result of this hackathon
  • Enhanced brand awareness of Ohridska Banka as a bank of young people and opportunities
  • Increased interaction with current and new users of the mobile banking
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