Lead Generation Strategy for the US Market


Next Generation is a new company that provides remote bookkeeping services for USA businesses. Offering a professional and cost-effective service, they had huge market potential but weren’t successful in their initial cold-calling efforts to engage potential clients. They needed a different, inbound approach – one that would bring their potential clients to them instead.

Our challenge was to define the primary business concept and identify the best communication channels to launch NextGeneration in the USA Market.

  • Create a digital launch strategy
  • Test and define the best channels and approach
  • Generate warm leads through digital channels

After conducting the in-depth market research, we identified the first steps in the customer’s journey (need recognition and search for a solution). We discovered the best channels to promote the client’s services and proceeded to test different approaches. Through the business analysis, we also discovered that our client’s website wasn’t drawing focus on the key selling points of NextGeneration, and needed an update.


After we identified the best channels for our client’s industry, we created and tested a multi-channel lead generation strategy. It included a new landing page design and location-based targeting (testing over 25 different locations across the USA). We continued to refine the approach in the lead generation strategy, and in 4 months of collaborating, we successfully connected paying clients from the USA with the NextGeneration team. We also gained key insights for future steps in the development of the company.


166 potential prospects

30 “hot leads”

3 closed clients

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