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Kenneth Play is an international sex hacking expert, sex educator and coach, and former celebrity fitness trainer. Kenneth develops and teaches sex hacks to help people learn new ways to play and overcome challenges in the bedroom through online and offline sex coaching. With his accelerated learning approach and playful style, he helps people gain sexual confidence, experience more pleasure, and cultivate deeper intimacy in record time. Meanwhile, he co-founded the globally-recognized sex-positive intentional community, Hacienda Villa; he teamed up with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova to work on The Casual Sex Project; worked with Pamela Madsen at the Back to the Body Sensual Retreats for Women; he’s been a featured presenter at New York University and San Jose State University.

The sheer size of the market for sexual education in the US alone has attracted big names to it, and thus has created an immense competitive marketplace in the industry. To get ahead of the competition, our client needed to find a new way of showcasing the real value of his product to the current, and also to new potential customers.

Being already highly established on the market, our client already had a large user database and a high online traffic, however we found a great opportunity for the increase in web conversion from ‘visitor’ to ‘customer’. Our main challenges were to create a new digital approach for boosting the online conversion rate, to increase the number of customers while focusing on the educational value of the product.

Define the real (ideal) customer
Build a sales funnel that converts traffic into customers
Build a new and improved design language that differentiates the client from other players in the industry
Design and develop a new website and visual language that will communicate the unique value proposition to the customers
Implement a multi-channel digital approach for gaining new users and re-engaging existing


The very beginnings of the projects were deeply understanding the US market size and potential for sex education, as well as analyze current competitors and their offerings. Through a deep research we discovered that the existing customers see great value in the product, however there was a visual miscommunication among the brand image and its potential customers due to the explicitness of the visual content. The very first step was to tackle this miscommunication, and to change the design language of the product from an explicit to a more educational one.

By making the visual changes and implementing the new design and visual language, we started to see an improvement in the customer acquisition.

The next step was to create a multi-channel digital strategy where through testing various digital channels, we could create an effective strategy for gaining new and re-engaging the existing customers. We continue to  modify the approach along with the execution strategy according to the customers insights and provide cutting-edge solutions to improve even more the brands’ presence on the market and communication.

  • Create and develop new design language
  • Website audit and optimization
  • Develop and execute email marketing strategy that generated over 350% growth for 4 months
  • Set up affiliate system on Clickbank and brought 110 affiliates to promote Kenneth’s products
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