Marketing and web optimization for the rich-media advertising giant


ADSSETS is a Swedish-based company that supplies leading brands with rich-media solutions for digital marketing. In February 2018 they launched their new product ACM (Advertising Content Manager) – a platform that allows the users to create and manage their online ads. With ACM, Adssets aimed to offer a completely digitized assistance to their customers in the process of creating their own banner ads, as well as managing their performance.

Adssets needed help in boosting their digital presence to support the launch of their new product ACM. With high international competition in the sector, they also needed a point of differentiation and a way to increase brand awareness. In order to gain new customers, and meet the needs of existing customers to a higher degree, they also needed to improve their UX and CRM.

Create a multi-channel digital strategy to increase brand awareness

Implement a growth strategy

Improve the design language of the website


In order to boost customer acquisition and retention we used an integrated approach which combined: improving the design language of the website by tracking user behavior, implementing a multi-channel communication strategy on Social Media, and improving their SEO. Through these activities, we increased their web traffic by 60%, month to month, and helped them close 3 major clients.

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