Innovation is a culture in flux!

The continuous innovation process that is happening today is the biggest competitive advantage for modern businesses. As it creates discoveries that permanently change the way companies operate.

The drastic changes that are made in existing products, cost — cutting and smoothly running processes internally in the company, cause to switch the strategy completely, from defensive to aggressive and victorious defensive. However, innovation can be prosperous if there is a culture of innovation.

Even though building culture is something that takes time and energy, it’s the turning point in embracing innovation as a part of the everyday work.

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The starting point is cooperation between two or more companies. Innovations in the past have been an independent project. Today cooperation is necessary and must offer a wide variety of opportunities. From empirical research, it has been concluded that the greater the number of participants involved in the open innovation process, the better are the results obtained from this approach.

What needs to be done is to achieve cooperation among inexperienced people with a new perspective with experts from socio-economic areas. At different levels from a company from different departments. This comes especially to achieve cooperation between people who haven’t had the opportunity to work together before.

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The open innovation culture implies a deep commitment to understanding the customer’s expectations and added value. The companies that have introduced this practice, it has been concluded that consumers can take the lead in creating meaningful innovative solutions.

The use of products can be completely changed from the original purpose. Meet their special needs, without directly mixing the company itself in this process.

Innovative leaders encourage their employees to be constantly curious and to check their assumption. Not excluding at the same time checking their own in order to remain open to accepting other people’s opinions. The way the open innovation concept expresses its influence on this part is by encouraging employees to try their ideas using the resources of the very company in which they work.

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Due to the successful projects created by employees, special areas are being created for the employees to gather around and generate and share ideas. Ideas that can improve the business and generate more revenue for the company itself.

The current implementation of the concept of open innovation is only possible where there is a living culture of innovation that is constantly being upgraded. Leaders who create and nurture this culture are rewarded by enjoying discoveries that will have a major impact on the entire business secto. As well as ongoing small-scale improvements that will gradually lead to major benefits.

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