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TIP OF THE WEEK is the first interactive book for personal and professional development written by enthusiasts and successful businessmen and women coming from the Balkans. It contains 40 practical and educational tips on how to improve, make a change and become more successful in various fields in your everyday life. It is a 360 INNO product regarding Product Development, Content architecture, Visual appearance, and Marketing and Sales strategy.

The main idea behind the TIP OF THE WEEK concept is to provoke readers to be more open to changes because only by changing ourselves and focusing on implementation of new ideas we can become better day by day. Since the book is only selling in the Balkans and the team behind TOW wanted to make an international version of the book and spread the knowledge to the world, with our joined collaboration we made that happen with crowdfunding through Kickstarter platform.

  •     Conduct research (platforms, conditions, targeted personas, packaging, distribution);
  •     Define concept, design, awards;
  •     Development of a landing page, video shooting, and production, photoshoot;
  •     Kickstarter campaign creation
  •     Create and executing marketing strategy for pre-launch and after the launch of the campaign

During the three-month period, we separated the project into two phases: The pre-launch and launch of the campaign. The pre-launch phase started with detailed research of every crowdfunding platform, the terms, and conditions they offered, the personas targeted with this book, and the packaging and distribution channels of the product after finishing the campaign. Next, it was creating a landing page since it was defined as a necessity for the campaign, defining, shooting and production of the video and also the photoshoot for the campaign.


Creating the design and concept of the Kickstarter campaign itself. How it’s going to look, what’s preferred, what rewards and packages are going to be offered. Completing the campaign and preparing the finishing details for the launch. After launching the campaign, the marketing strategy (which was created in the pre-launch period) was on the main stage. Active posting on social media, sending emails, posting in groups, looking for influencers and organization etc. The result was a successful campaign with the support of 105 backers, expand the product on new markets, with that creating brand awareness on the global market and getting backers from different countries from all over the world.



The first interactive book for personal and professional development coming from the Balkans, achieved the defined goal of 8.000$ placed on Kickstarter and raised 8.259$. Supported by 105 backers, from more than 50 different countries, the campaign was successfully finished and Tip of the Week was ready to go live. Due to the diversity of the support, Kickstarter proved to be the most effective way to create global brand awareness and make global audience for a certain brand in a one month, we decided that the optimal duration of the campaign for this kind of product is one month. Providing meaningful tips for personal and professional development, Tip of the Week once again has proved its purpose, this time globally.

After finishing the campaign with the achieved goal, it begun the production phase. The estimated delivery time was May 2018 which we manage to accomplish. Together with the Tip of the Week team we delivered the packages to our backers.

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