Rehtink - a creative marathon that connects visionaries with innovative companies

What is Rethink?

Rethink is a creative marathon that connects creative people with experts and companies, and enables them to co-create innovative solutions together. The topic of Rethink 2018 was Smart Cities: Rethink how the city works and lives. With 90 participants and 18 innovative solutions, this three-day event was also the largest creative marathon ever organized in Macedonia.



Smart Cities: Rethinking how the city works and lives challenged the participants to create innovative solutions in order to improve the current way of living and working in the city. Their innovative solutions could be in any area from technology to transportation, waste management and security.


The three-day creative marathon was kicked off by a conference on the topic Smart Cities, where well-known entrepreneurs and managers gave an introduction to the topic and shared their own experience in the field. The participants were grouped into 18 multidisciplinary teams, and after the conference started to work on creating their innovative solutions for the future Smart City of Skopje. They had help and guidance from the facilitators and more experts who were their mentors during the event. Their goal was to combine existing innovations, create new ones, and build a concept and business model around them. In the end, the expert jury decided which were the 3 best solutions and the winning team got awards and opportunities to continue developing their idea.


Rethink 2018 had an educational and creative purpose – to educate massive audiences about the importance of the smart city concept for the future of urban living, and to give young visionaries real opportunities to connect, create and realize innovative solutions improving the way the city works and lives.

Rethink as a concept later transformed into a way to connect the young visionaries with companies, closing the gap between corporate innovation and crowdsourced ideas even further. Read the case of Rethink 2.0 to find out more about this concept.


Organized the largest creative marathon in Macedonia:

– 90 participants

– 18 creative ideas – 3 winning solutions

We also:

– Educated the public on the topic of Smart cities

– Connected young visionaries with expert mentors and potential investors

– Raised awareness about the possibilities for co-creation and crowdsourcing in Macedonia

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