doXteam is a leading software development company based in Macedonia than works with large enterprises such as Nederman, Swiss Re, IMP Digital to deliver cloud-based solutions into their everyday work. Following global digital and technology trends and being open to innovation, they have developed and funded multiple global digital platforms. DoXteam have started developing an innovative backend-as-a-service platform which is expected to cut developer’s’ time by 90% called Microtica.

Having the platform almost finished, it was in the need of complete branding, alpha testing with potential users and clients, and a go-to-market strategy including a product-market fit.

  1. Conduct market research, competitors analysis and define the core values.
  2. Define the target market and potential customers
  3. Develop a strategy for positioning and market penetration
  4. Design and branding of the new product
  5. Development and design of a website
  6. Testing of the proposed solutions


  • 150+ conducted interviews
  • 30+ experts involved
  • 10+ companies contacted
  • 90+ uncovered competitors
  • Defined target persona


  • 4 go-to-market strategies
  • 4 positioning strategies
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • New market segments
  • Product testing


  1. The company modified their go-to-market strategy and product-market fit
  2. We accelerated the launching process
  3. We launched a landing page
  4. The product is fully branded
  5. We have identified the product’s core values based on research findings
  6. Opened facebook/twitter/linkedin/reddit page
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