Business development and B2B strategy for software as a service wedding platform


Jas i Ti is an innovative and creative solution for weddings, where the product provides easy and simple way of inviting their guests using the digital wedding invites, along with the other features the product offers such as location of the wedding, photos and share their love story. The personalised website offers all of the unique features and it’s time saving and cost-effective solution for the newly-weds.

Brand new and innovative product on the market
Promote new mindset where the future-oriented products enters the market and creates new habits among the users
Define the right target audience for the product
Create and execute B2B strategy in order to create a network of collaborators
Conduct market validation for the product
Define the market position and gain customer insights

Gain market insights for B2B potential collaborators and B2C interest of the product
Define the target audience and market position
Create a strategy for product development and market recognition
Test and iterate several unique approaches for enhancing product and brand awareness


Our first step was understanding what obstacles Jas i Ti needed to overcome. Through market research, we determined that we first needed to focus on creating the demand, because our target audience was tied to the traditional ways, and wouldn’t likely try something new and unfamiliar. Following that, we created and tested multiple approaches for increasing brand recognition and bringing the product closer to its potential customers. One of the ways of achieving this was through the network of B2B collaborators. We also developed a strategy for expanding the product’s reach by co-creating to boosting both awareness and engagement of the clients.


Over just a few months of working with Jas i Ti, we enhanced the product and brand awareness and initiated a network of collaborators. Through feedback, we gained major insights into the market needs and we determined the market positioning. We also defined the course of action for further product development and started executing the B2B strategy.

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