Digital marketing strategy for FMCG brand.


Dona is a brand with a long history on the Balkans producing superior quality, packaged food, that recently launched on the Macedonian market. Since launching in 2018, their star product: Ajvar Dona, was only available in one national retailer (VERO Supermarkets). Facing high competition, they needed a creative marketing strategy and a strategic expansion plan to quickly grow their network of customers and retailers in order to grow sales.

  • In a booming market, especially in terms of their star product: Ajvar Dona, increasing brand recognition was a big challenge. They needed to differentiate from the competition and create real bonds with the customers. Dona also needed a strategy for growing their retailer network, through discovering which local regions had the highest potential, and our goal was also to gain key insights for that purpose through the digital channels.
  • Creating a social media marketing strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Creating and running digital media champagnes
  • Discovering new opportunities

After discovering the interests and behaviors of the ideal customer, we created a strategy that would meet him where he is most present: Social Media. To raise brand awareness, we started sharing the story of Dona – where tradition meets the modern way of living, through creative and engaging digital campaigns. We ran more than 15 creative media campaigns over the course of just one year, growing and nurturing a loyal audience of customers and fans.


Created and executed a digital marketing champaign 2.900 followers on Facebook in 12 months Expanding the retail network to 104 new stores in 10 cities This ongoing collaboration will soon expand to include offline marketing for the domestic market, and online strategies for 2 foreign markets.

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