ADSSETS, our Swedish client, a company that supplies leading brands with Rich Media mobile solutions. Following the era of digitalization, launched their new product ACM (Advertising Content Manager) in February 2018. A fully functional digitized platform that allows its clients to manage and create their own ads online. Their new product aims to offer a complete assistance to their customers in the process of creating their own banner ads, in a completely digitized way.

ADSSETS contacted us with a demand for an effective and quick boost of their new product called ACM. By introducing this new product and making the customer experience completely digitally oriented, ADSSETS faced the challenge of a need for a stronger digital presence. The high competition in this sector, followed with a demand for bigger brand awareness challenged us to work on improving these constraints our client is facing as well as finding the competitive advantage that will make this company stand out. Our focus was on how might we increase the awareness for this product and gain new customers, as well as meeting the need for traction of current users on their website to offer better customer services.

  •   Improve the design and brand language
  •   Create a multi-channel digital strategy
  •  Implement a growth strategy for gaining new customers
  •  Increase brand awareness

Our approach consisted of several steps, during which we devised solutions for each constraint using different marketing and customer centered strategies.

At first, through focused brainstorming and a strategic design approach, we managed to improve the design language of the website as well as the brand image of the company. Moreover, by interacting with customers via multiple channels and using an innovative strategy focused on product growth; we boosted the website traffic, gained new audience and ADSSETS obtained an overall increase in digital presence. Through a focused SEO approach we have succeeded to level up the brand awareness and still working on improving it through digital marketing. We are constantly making progress on attracting new potential customers through a more customer centric  design of the website, a digital approach and setting up a customer tracking platform that will be able to keep track of the activity of current and new users on ADSSETS website.


As the teams identified potential issues in the UX and UI of the platform, after the project the platform was redesigned

Social media engagement:

  • 230% growth in Facebook likes
  • 180% growth on Instagram followers
  • Created video content and food facts
  • Opened Youtube Channel
  • Content marketing: launched a food blog / 60+ blog posts
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