Solveo is a strategic design and innovation consultancy that empowers companies to deliver breakthrough solutions.


We are experienced professional enthusiasts that share the same passion for business innovation and design. Our office is a place where creativity meets data. We deliver breakthrough solutions and help your business grow.


We do it by embracing out-of-the-box thinking and create innovative solutions that will help our clients achieve their goals.

People Are Key To Innovation

Crowdsourcing and open innovation are our forte, and we are using these non-traditional approaches as key ingredients for delivering breakthrough solutions. As Bill Joy said, “It is a good idea `{`open innovation`}`, because not all the smart people work for you”.

Human-Centered Approach

We are design thinkers by default and we embrace empathy. Our approach is simple yet powerful: we focus on users/ customers. The future is in the user- centered products and services, and the true innovation should help people overcome challenges or solve their problems.

Solution Oriented Approach

We find solutions for your business’ growth and we are very enthusiastic about that. Whether about launching a new product or creating a whole new brand, or about optimizing for the digital era and digital growth. We use our research powers and creative fuels in order to create the best possible solution for your business.

Iteration & Agility

We are flexible, responsive, agile and ready for constant improvement. We collaborate with companies and startups from different industries, so we are constantly improving in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Positive Impact

We empower positive changes and innovation. We are energetic about building improvement and growth. Solving business and customers’ problems is the way we leave footprint in the contemporary world.

Designing Success

Success is a state of mind, so we encourage open- minded approach and willingness for positive changes. We believe in creative and innovative pathways to success and we inspire companies to “think out of the box”.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and is devoted to practice creative thinking and deliver high-end solutions to our clients.

Dragana Neshovska


The creative CEO who is managing cross-functional teams and multidisciplinary projects with creative leadership and strong problem- solving skills.

Ivan Zografski


The Co-founder of Solveo who is passionate about business design and out-of-the-box solutions that fit the everchanging business environment.

Mila Josifovska

Project Manager

The Project Manager with expertise in the research industry, passionate about strategic planning.

Ivona Zabaznovska

Marketing Specialist

The Marketer with expertise in the innovation consulting industry, passionate about innovative products and services.

Martin Stoimenov

Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist that turns Startups into Scaleups with SEO skills and is passionate about inbound marketing and inbound sales.

Jana Andeva

Graphic Designer

The innovative graphic designer passionate about creating the ideal design language.

Lela Anastasova

Design Thinking Trainer

Lela is a professor who, with unconventional tools and in a creative way, approaches the Design Thinking methodology to her listeners. She acquiered a certified Design Thinking license to extend the positive effect this methodology has with a wider audience.

Tina Janeva

Business Development Specialist

The Business Development Specialist devoted to identifying new business opportunities with a passion for content marketing.

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