Raising awareness about the importance of mental health and aim for
higher inclusiveness in social activities


The Association

Misla is a new non-governmental association in Macedonia created with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of mental health and increasing the amount of social inclusiveness of people with mental disabilities.


Misla wanted to expand their influence and raise awareness on a larger scale, but in order to have a real impact, it was necessary to gain knowledge about this sensitive topic and take suitable actions in order to break the stigma. We needed to create an engaging campaign that would be both highly visible and educational. Additionally, we wanted to strengthen Misla’s digital presence and start a community that will show support and spread the word.


  1. Conduct in-depth market research

  2. Create campaign concepts

  3. Create and execute strategy for massive awareness

  4. Build a community and strengthen the digital presence




First, we needed to gain some knowledge on the topic as well as the specific feelings and thoughts of the audience regarding this topic. For that purpose, we got in touch with a few experts in the field, both on the medical and social side and we also conducted market research to find out what was the level of awareness and knowledge of the general public of mental health. Once we had that crucial information about the audience, we developed a strategy that would boost brand awareness as well as underline the importance of understanding mental health. To achieve the set goals, we created a combination of online and offline campaigns, communicating Misla’s vision and mission and inspiring the audience to take action and join in. The campaigns were engaging and interactive, which was necessary to have a real impact on the audience, and by doing that create real opportunities for the individuals with mental health disabilities.


Through the online campaigns, we have successfully grown the association’s digital presence on multiple channels. We achieved our goals by designing specific content tailored for the online audience as well as the offline audience. The joint reach of our campaigns was 60 000 people, and through those actions, the community grew by 1 000+ supporters.