Transform the way you work and think


As a core methodology, we use and apply open innovation and crowdsourcing in the form of a 3-day hackathon od 3-week makeathon. Our projects are workshop based where we work together in multidisciplinary teams. The entire process is fully facilitated and each of the teams works closely with multiple industry experts. Through our unique process, creative workshops, and mentoring we will identify business problems, and develop up-to-speed creative solutions using the power of the crowd.




A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which group of talented people collaborate intensively in software project. Depending on the industry, the participants will be separated in 5-6 teams of 6 people in a team. Every team will have 2 days to develop their ideal solution.



Makeathon (Opportunity to work on a real business project, showcase your talent and skills, and see the solution implemented on the market. For each project we select the top candidates, work in a multiple teams towards a shared vision and at the end we choose a winning solution which gets implemented with Solveo).


We host large 3-day events where we tackle some of the trickiest emerging issues and challenges. Our events are a combination of Conference and Workshop where 100 participants work in teams to deliver fresh ideas and creative solutions on topics such as: Creating your future digital city, Creating the bank for millennials, Reshaping the education etc.

This is the perfect event where young people learn in an informal setting what it means to start their own business through design thinking workshops and informal educational programs.