We are an on-demand open innovation platform where talented millennials meet companies to seek innovative solutions to modern business problems. With Solveo, we are striving to create an innovation community of talented like-minded students and ambitious modern companies. 

With our innovative process, we provide visionary students the opportunity to work for a real business project for a company, showcase their talent and skills, and see their solution implemented on the market. For each project we select the top candidates, work in multiple teams towards a shared vision and at the end we choose a winning solution which gets implemented. During the project, the participant work with industry experts that we provide. Do you want to upgrade your skills, knowledge, network with experts and work on a real project? APPLY TO OUR NEXT UPCOMING COMPETITION!



Our process begins with publishing the challenge brief and company that we will be working for.
We run competitions roughly every two months. Stay in the loop, subscribe to our mailing list and wait for a new competition to open. 


We carefully select and invite the top candidates to be a part of each project. We are looking for ambitious visionaries with passion to succeed and make a change. We are creating multidisciplinary teams and all backgrounds are acceptable. 


Once we have made the selection and created the teams, we launch the competition with an offline hands-on workshop.
Our competitions last for 2 to 3 weeks during which we meet, network, get mentoring sessions with experts and work towards a shared vision. 


4. WIN
At the end of the project, being a competition, we select and award a winning team whose solution later gets implemented and launched to the market. 

We can give you 100 reasons why you should join our community but nothing will be real unless someone that has participated confirms and shares their personal experience. We have selected some of our participants' testimonials. We don't want to brag but..... 

I was at the right place in the right time. Solveo is a place that encourages young brains to invest in their potential , awakes their spirit for intellectual growth and competition. Experience full of creativity, innovation, teamwork and fun.

If you are open minded and passionate student, willing to learn new things and improve your skills, Solveo is the right choice. You will have an opportunity to work with amazing and inspirational people. Don't hesitate and apply right now!

Want to get the chance to meet the coolest people alive on this planet? Want to become a master in teamwork, research and public speaking? Don’t miss your chance and apply now! Solveo is one of the best things that happened in my life. Deep down there, love you guys!

Basically Solveo gives you real life problems for you to solve. What more can you ask in order to learn ?