Transform the way you work and think


Design Thinking is an innovative method that transforms the way we work everyday. The solutions from this method are based on the needs of the current and future customers. This methodology allows you to identify the key needs of each user or person, to quickly create tested prototypes and to bring new innovations that suit the identified needs. This method sparks creative problem-solving and stimulates entrepreneurial spirit.


Design Thinking training for companies

In our 2 day intensive workshop, in a creative setting the participants will learn the Design Thinking method and will practically learn how to apply it in their everyday work. Duringthe workshop participants will develop new ways to collaborate, understand how to create value for their customers, and will learn how to deal with everyday problems by using this methodology. The purpose of the workshop is not just to teach the process, but to create a new ‘mindset’ that can be easily applied in the future. At the end of the workshop, the participants will leave with newly acquired knowledge, new acquired skills and a practical and innovative solution that you will create during the workshop.

We now have 4 experienced trainers and the aim of the project is to inspire creative thinking and problem-solving from early age, and to boost entrepreneurial spirit for the youngest generations. We run multiple design thinking programs and trainings for kids:- Design Thinking as an after-school activity.


Provoke your team’s creative energy
Encourage innovative thinking
Learn to create according to the needs of users
Develop and test creative solution to everyday problems through the application of the design thinking process
Boost team spirit
Developing new ways of collaboration
Learn the fundamentals of design thinking to improve organizational performance



Those who want to Engage their creative spirit
For companies that want to encourage innovative thinking






The Idea: Help children become user-centered people, not only user-centered designers! — Noam Sohachevsky, creator of Design Club.

This quote perfectly describes the ambition of Design club: to help children use their creative potential in order to change the world and make it a better place. Robots, except creativity and empathy, can replace every skill of a human being in a world that is evolving around technology. The ability to feel, touch and imagine can be the only strengths that we have, so we should embrace that and encourage it. Kids are completely overwhelmed by technology and have lost interest in creating, exploring and interacting, therefore Design club found a way to combine crafting (real, touchable) with digital (imaginary). The result is a unique experience for the children and happiness overload!

The Design Thinking program will run as a summer school for children in the period of 2 months.- Starting September Solveo will be running a regular Design Thinking program for the youngest generations in private and public schools.