Go-to-market strategy for aviation software - AIRPORT BRIEFING

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Airport Briefing is a new generation of flight operations and training platform and an ultimate situational awareness tool for any operating aviator. The prime goal of the software is to increase situational awareness.

The mission for this on-going project is to find the ideal launching customer segment and create a go-to-market strategy for them. Since it’s an application for a market which customers are widespread it’s crucial to gain as more insights as possible. Consequently to create a go-to-market strategy which will engage the ideal customer segment.



  1. Conduct market research

  2. Defining target personas, their needs and behaviours

  3. Discover core values and unique selling points

  4. Create and define the marketing strategy: pre-launch and launch

  5. Create promotional materials and define channels of distribution

  6. Testing the defined strategy  

  7. Production of a video for global market

  8. Execution of marketing strategy before and after launch



In the beginning, we started with market research in order to discover the potential customers for Airport Briefing and to understand their needs and problems. After the conducted research, we defined several user personas.  The next step is to draw important conclusions and to create a detailed marketing and sales strategy based on the feedback from the early adopters. We got the feedbacks from the users directly from LinkedIn and with a online survey.

The strategy is oriented on the two most important channels for each business development: B2B and B2C. After the strategy was approved, we started with execution of the pre-launch strategy using different channels including: Social media, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora etc. in order to make community around the product and increase awareness about it, so that people will eagerly wait for the big launch of the application.  We were then thoroughly preparing for the launch with creating of several launch strategies, content etc. Also in the process we made one commercial video for the product and over 100 visuals/banners for marketing and awareness purposes.






  1. Preparation of visuals

  2. Video production

  3. Creating and execution of pre-launch and launch strategy

  4. Slogan creation

  5. Increased social media followers by 400% on all channels

  6. 2.000 downloads in one month

  7. Comic (ideation, design and distribution)

  8. Created and executed different paid advertising campaigns on multiple channels