We are an on-demand open innovation platform where talented millennials meet companies to seek innovative solutions to modern business problems. We believe that the millennials are the prime source of innovative thinking and we incorporate their fresh ideas with expert knowledge to bring up-to-speed creative solutions.

With Solveo, we are striving to create an innovation community of talented like-minded students, experts and ambitious modern companies. It is a place where through our unique process, creative workshops, and mentoring we will identify business problems, and develop up-to-speed creative solutions. As a competition-based platform, Solveo motivates the students to work smarter, and acknowledges the effort with an award. With this innovative service, local companies will have the opportunity to implement and use affordable innovation, will gather an abundance of ideas and will easily find talent for employment.





We are in tune with the emerging market and technology trends and we kick off our projects by analyzing our client's current positioning through extensive research and in-house workshops. By understanding where the company stands, we inspire to create and provide the most suitable solutions to grow our client's businesses. 

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We enable enterprises to embrace the new way of thinking about innovation, by utilization of external perspectives to solve internal problems. Our process of open innovation begins with a fully facilitated 2 to 3 week event where visionary students and millennials meet industry experts to foster fresh ideas and achieve innovative breakthrough.

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Without implementation, innovation is only a good idea. Innovation is about putting that idea into practice to create meaningful results. We work with a team of highly skilled multidisciplinary experts and together we take the early ideas towards a wider implementation and execution.

What participants say about Solveo?

Besides all of the great friends I have made here, I have gained skills that will all aid me greatly in my future career. Not only was it great practice for me as a student, but it was also an eye opening experience to the world around me. The amount of experience I gained in with this project was invaluable and I would highly recommend applying to anyone who may be considering it!

I was at the right place in the right time. Solveo is a place that encourages young brains to invest in their potential , awakes their spirit for intellectual growth and competition. Experience full of creativity, innovation, teamwork, and fun.

Positive and young people, always willing to help and cooperate with different types of people and businesses. They offer extraordinary opportunity for students who wants to upgrade their theoretical knowledge in a many creative ways. In one word: Awesome!